May 19

$350,000 Judgment Against Biomet, Inc.

Denver Attorneys Gregory A. Hall and Jennifer Bisset obtained a $350,000 final judgment in Alarid v. Biomet, Inc. et al. Civil Action No. 14-CV-02667-REB-NYW, filed in the Colorado U.S. District Court. Plaintiff’s product liability claim was based on the failure of two Biomet Comprehensive® Reverse Shoulder Implants that Plaintiff had in each shoulder.  The same metal.

August 26

What Is Tort Law

Tort law is that branch of the legal system that protects people from unsafe practices, products, bad faith conduct by insurance companies and corporations. Tort law is used to hold individuals and companies accountable when they cause harm to others through negligent or intentional conduct.  The most common type of tort case is a personal.

February 27

Colorado Social Host Liability

Colorado social host liability is governed by statute.  C.R.S. § 12-47-801(4)(a) provides that: No social host who furnishes any alcohol beverage is civilly liable to any injured individual or his or her estate for any injury to such individual or damage to any property suffered, including any action for wrongful death, because of the intoxication.

October 5


Biomet may have produced and sold defective reverse shoulder implants.  In 2010 Biomet, Inc. issued a recall notice for is reverse shoulder implant that has repeatedly failed.  The FDA has determined that this is a Class 2 Recall.  On 9/13/2010 Biomet sent all its customers an “URGENT MEDICAL DEVICE RECALL NOTICE.” The recall might have been.

April 12


Denver Car Accident Lawyer Gregory A. Hall Mr. Hall has been representing injured people since 1996.  People injured in car accidents, or other types of accidents, often need legal representation to obtain the maximum amount of money for their claim.  It is no secret that the most challenging aspect to obtaining a fair settlement on.

October 4


Like any large corporation, insurance companies are driven by profit which means that its interest in making a profit can conflict with a policyholder’s interest in settling a claim for a fair amount.  Before settling your personal injury claim, here are some things you should know about insurance companies: Insurance companies often benefit from you.

July 31

Auto Accident

AUTO ACCIDENT Have you been hurt in an auto accident?  Every day accidents are caused by drivers who are inattentive, careless or even reckless.  Many accidents are caused because the at-fault driver is texting, using the cell phone, drunk or impaired by drugs.  If you’ve been injured by a negligent driver, you may be able.

July 30


COLORADO DOG BITE LAW In 2004 Colorado enacted C.R.S. § 13-21-124 which created a statutory cause of action for persons bitten by a dog while in Colorado.  The statute provides in relevant part: A person or a personal representative of a person who suffers serious bodily injury or death from being bitten by a dog.

March 20


WHAT IS BALANCE BILLING Balance billing occurs when a medical care provider bills an insured the difference between the provider’s full charge for a service and the amount it agreed to accept from the insurance company as payment if full for that service – the negotiated rate. So it’s an attempt by the medical care.

March 31


What is insurance bad faith under Colorado law? Insurance bad faith is a legal term which means that an insurance company has acted unreasonably or unfairly in the payment of a claim.  Under the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act in Colorado, insurance companies are required to act in good faith by following these practices: The.