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Denver Lawyer Gregory A. Hall

Denver lawyer Gregory A. Hall is a personal injury and employment lawyer licensed to practice law in Colorado. Mr. Hall handles several types of claims, including but not limited to, personal injury, employment, civil rights, whistleblower, qui tam, business litigation, discrimination, sexual harassment, insurance bad faith, OPM disability retirement, MSPB, and OWCP (federal workers’ compensation).  For more information about Mr. Hall’s practice, go to the “PRACTICE AREAS” link. Contact Mr. Hall by phone or email if you wish to set up an appointment to discuss your case.

Mr.Hall is a solo practitioner, which means that he personally handles your case, as opposed to an associate attorney.  Mr. Hall has been representing injured persons since 1996.  Part of his practice concerns the representation of federal employees.  He has represented plaintiffs from many states on various types of administrative and judicial claims.

In addition to representing OWCP claimants, Mr. Hall handles EEO, MSPB and OPM disability cases. He has an active state and federal court practice.

Gregory A. Hall
Law Office of Gregory A. Hall
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